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Tools for Underground Drilling

While underground drilling is similar to surface drilling, there are still important differences. Our underground solution includes products that offer optimum performance in underground conditions.

A core bit that can cut rock well and provides a better rate of penetration is important when the focus is on production and speed. All mine planning is based on information gathered by the diamond drill. Diamond drilling core production has to remain constant, for things to run efficiently.

The underground drilling environment presents a myriad of challenges, including groundwater unexpectedly encountered in the drill hole. Extremely high flow rates and pressures are not uncommon and can have disastrous results for a drilling operation. Luckily, a patented solution exists that is designed to allow drillers to cross zones with high water in-flow.

The challenge of having limited space available in underground mines means a powerful pump that takes up littles space and is easily transportable is your best choice. And using an additive that can reduce torque and eliminate vibration will improve performance, increase product lifespan and make life easier for drillers.

Be sure to choose a manufacturer who understands the differences between surface and underground drilling. Our technical support team  can provide advice and suggest  products developed specifically for underground conditions, such as  underground core barrels including head assemblies and overshots, drill rods and other accessories.

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Learn about the RockStar 10 core bit,
ideal for underground conditions.

Keeping drillers out of hot water

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