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Dealing with a deviated hole

Drill holes can be very unpredictable in the path that they take, so drillers often have to deal with hole deviation. Drill hole deviation is when the hole ends up going in a direction other than the chosen trajectory.

The installation of the wedge is done easily in a few steps

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Multiple factors can play a role in causing this to happen, such as rock formation in the ground that you are drilling, the type of bit used, the weight on the bit, type of rods and tooling, the set-up of the drill rig and its location, among others.

Prevent it or correct it

Fortunately, equipment and accessories are now available to help prevent or correct hole deviation. These include wedges, measurement tools and more.

BG Fordia Hole Deviation White Rhino

Learn how full hole coring and
an 18 inch White Rhino reaming shell
can help prevent hole deviation.

Discover how you can quickly and easily
correct hole deviation with
the Prism Directional Wedge

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