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Bit Life

A Great Way to Increase Productivity

Getting the longest life possible for your core matrix is a key consideration if you want to run a productive and profitable drilling operation. Changing a drill bit takes time especially the farther down the hole it is, and the time spent replacing a bit is not productive.

For example, given that a bit averages approximately 125 meters, if you have to drill 1000 meters you can expect to change the bit 8 times. If you can extend the life of a bit by only 15%, you can expect one less drill bit replacement. The further into the hole you’ve drilled, the more time saved this represents. At about 800-1000 meters, it can take up to 4 hours to replace a bit.

In shallow depths, you may be able to achieve your objectives with only one core bit, if you use the current methods and products that have been developed to extend bit life.

By learning how to choose the right matrix and the best water way configuration, you can easily extend the life of your bit considerably.

Discover higher crown configurations,
such as Vulcan.

Find out how the use of
drilling additives such as Torqueless.

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